Sage of Sare (#3)

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In a war of magic, no one escapes unscathed…

Charged with murder, heresy, and treason, Athaya spent months imprisoned at a remote cloister, her magic painfully sealed inside her mind. While she waited for rescue, her allies kept her mission alive—if only barely—risking their lives to recruit wizards and train them at their secret camp.

After Athaya’s escape, King Durek is desperate to stop her crusade before it gathers any more footing in Caithe. With a ruthless new ally at his side, Durek forms a Tribunal with one mission—seek out and destroy all Lorngeld and supporters. Still a more immediate danger threatens Athaya’s uprising.

As Athaya’s followers multiply, supplies dwindle, leaving her camp vulnerable to Caithe’s brutal winter. Her people face starvation and death, until aid comes from an unexpected source—a group of military wizards on the Isle of Sare. Their intervention could save Athaya’s rebellion…but at what cost?


“Striking similarities to Kurtz’s latest Heirs of Saint Camber trilogy […] where Kurtz’s fantasy has a heavy historical tone, Smith’s tends more to high adventure. The situations are similarly grim, but there’s much less a sense of hopelessness […] SAGE OF SARE is an impressive new villain, powerful in magic and astute in political scheming, giving a bit of new life to this entertaining series.”


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