Shadow of the Alchemist (#6)

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Since losing his knighthood, Crispin Guest has earned his reputation as the Tracker, a private investigator who can locate everything, and everyone he is hired to find. When famed French alchemist Nicholas Flamel enlists him to locate both his missing wife Perenelle and his apprentice, Guest is confident that it will be a case quickly resolved. But after Flamel’s apprentice is found dead and a ransom note arrives threatening the life of Perenelle in exchange for the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical object that can change lead into gold, Guest quickly discovers that there is nothing ordinary about this case. Soon, strange, antiquated symbols begin appearing throughout the city and he learns he must decipher their hidden code to unearth the truth of secrets long buried. 

Plunged into the dark, underground magic of alchemy and the treacherous world of English politics, Guest and his dedicated servant Jack, will have to unravel the mystery in order to find Perenelle and reveal the dangerous mastermind determined to wreak havoc throughout the city.

Shadow of the Alchemist is the intriguing sixth book in the Crispin Guest series. It was featured as a “Best of 2013 Selection” by Suspense Magazine and was a finalist for Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in the Mystery Suspense & Thriller category.


“Westerson continues to provide unusual historical detail, offbeat characters and a well-integrated puzzle.”


“All will appreciate [Westerson’s] close attention to period detail.”

Publishers Weekly

“The dark and brutal atmosphere of the times is expressed through inspired prose that is liberally laced with action.”

RT Book Reviews

“Westerson’s Middle Ages are as dark and edgy as her complex protagonist.”


“This author’s combination of strongly fashioned characters, sword-clashing action, circuitous plotting, and incidental humor long ago won me over […] Westerson does a superior job of incorporating into this treasure-hunt tale the political and social complexities of Guest’s era, without hobbling her plot’s rollicking momentum.”

The Rap Sheet

“Fans of Westerson’s complicated crime-solver will not be disappointed by this latest entry in the Crispin Guest series and its blend of personal and political plotlines.”

Criminal Element

“Westerson, a Californian who has mastered medieval history, again uses her knowledge to create a taut historical thriller. Her readers will eagerly await the next installment in the saga of Crispin and his times.”

Times Dispatch

“This entertaining series featuring Crispin Guest never disappoints […] Westerson whips history and mystery into a delicious blend.”

The Historical Novel Society

“The plot twists and winds through the streets of Old London […] The story is rich in detail, so it’s not a book to skim or speed read […] SHADOW OF THE ALCHEMIST is a good, solid, well-written murder mystery […] Ms. Westerson’s historical details and knowledge of medieval London are spot on.”

Between the Book Covers

“Jeri Westerson’s writing is magical in that she literally transports you into a different time and place. She is masterful with all the small details of a setting establishing the sights, sounds, and smells of London in the late 1300s for the reader.”

Reviews by Teri

“Crispin Guest is our medieval James Bond. Bold, determined and oh-so-sexy, he has a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time… Lively action and heart-stopping suspense, twisting plot turns and a compelling cast of characters easily make this one of Jeri Westerson’s best books yet!”

C.W. Gortner, author of The Tudor Conspiracy

Awards & Accolades


Suspense Magazine: “Best of 2013 Selection”


RT Reviewers Choice Award Finalist: “Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller”