Shadow’s Lure (#2)

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After helping his lover Josephine lay claim to the throne of Nimea, the assassin Caim has ventured north to the land that has haunted his dreams—cold, unforgiving Eregoth. He departs seeking answers to his parents’ murder and hoping that this knowledge will explain his ability to bend the shadows to his will.

In searching for his past, Caim wanders into war. But Eregoth is threatened by a power more terrifying than any army—the witch Sybelle, Queen of the Dark. If given the chance, her aims at destruction would not cease at Eregoth but storm through Nimea where Josey struggles to secure her reign.

With nothing more than a force of ragtag warriors at his side, Caim knows that standing against Sybelle’s onslaught may be suicide. But as a son of the Shadow, he has no choice but to fight. Even if every life he takes brings him closer to the blackness that would claim him body and soul…


“Brings together the dark plots and underpinnings of Sprunk’s fantasy world and expands on the nature of Caim’s ghostly companion, Kit […] both action and magic as well as a tale of unrequited love and unlikely heroes.”

Library Journal

“There’s a showdown a-brewing and I’m rubbing my hands in glee for it.”

Night Owl Reviews

“Cleverly written, the characters pop from the page and above all else it’s the sense of fun and pace that really makes this a story worth the time of any fantasy reader.”

Falcata Times

“Sprunk is a master storyteller. He wraps us in the folds of his tale. His prose sets the pages on fire, and it’s as if he’s unstoppable […] Those who like a dark fantasy will be surprised by his imagination and depth. The reader will be awake at night, reading this one to the very end!”

The Specusphere (Australia)

“Heart-pounding throttle-to-the-maximum action and adventure […] if you have any interest in sword and sorcery, you owe it to yourself to check out Sprunk’s work.”

SF Signal

“Sprunk’s clearly thought long and hard about the world setting for the novels, and brings plenty that’s fresh and new to the story. His secondary characters are well handled and he spares no-one from peril […] SHADOW’S LURE is a dark fantasy tale that quickly draws the reader into its web, and definitely leaves me eagerly awaiting the next in the saga.”

SciFi Pulse

“Escapist fantasy adventure at its finest.”