Shadow’s Master (#3)

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In the far wastes of the Northern Marches, the assassin Caim lies in wait. Though he and his allies have defeated the monstrous witch Sybelle, there is a greater threat looming ahead… The Master—a being of nightmarish power who rules the Shadows and holds the answers that Caim has been searching for all his life.

But before he can meet his greatest enemy, Caim must face an assassin whose skills and strength eerily match his own. Meanwhile, Empress Josey and the land of Nimea have fallen prey to an unforeseen attack by a barbarian army.

Even if he somehow survives, the truth Caim has been seeking for so long may not offer solace. For the destiny he has sought for so long may be the very thing that curses him to a life of eternal darkness and damnation…


“Sprunk continues to improve […] series fans will dive right in.”


“Old fashioned sword and sorcery in a noir fantasy that should appeal to fans of Michael Moorcock and Thieve’s World.”

Library Journal

“Sprunk finishes his series in strong fashion […] more interesting worldbuilding; further emergence of characters.”

SF Signal

“This one is darker, bloodier, and better than its predecessors […] Fans of action oriented sword and sorcery will find plenty to cheer about here.”

Adventures Fantastic

“For those who’ve been awaiting this final installment I can confidently say it’s a fitting end to Caim, Josey, and Kit’s stories. The novel is also a bit of a return capturing the kinetic violence and unrelenting pace of the first volume.”

Staffer’s Musings

“Sprunk delivers a powerful finale to the assassin-turned-freedom fighter Caim’s story […] throughout, Sprunk weaves a superb story, switching between storylines with aplomb.”

SciFi Pulse

“A good deal of action – and Sprunk does this part very well indeed. This is more sword and sorcery that most current fantasy fiction, not quite Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser but as good as we’re likely to get until the next Fritz Leiber shows up.”

Critical Mass

“The short version? Go buy Sprunk’s novels. They are great pieces of assassin-themed fantasy that everyone should be reading.”

Elitist Book Reviews