Shakespeare’s Trollop (#4)

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Welcome back to Shakespeare – a charming Arkansas town with endless back roads, an eclectic mix of residents, and a dollop of noir. In this installment, cleaning woman/karate expert Lily Bard discovers lifelong Shakespeare resident Deedra Dean murdered inside a car parked in a woodsy area outside town.

Determined not to get involved, Lily wants to leave the police work to Sheriff Marta Schuster and her team of deputies, and concentrate on cleaning, high kicks, and her boyfriend Jack’s impending visit. But when Deedra’s notoriously promiscuous lifestyle provides an extensive list of suspects but very few clues, Lily has no choice but to resume the roll of amateur detective and join the investigation. 

In Shakespeare’s Trollop, the fourth book in Charlaine Harris’s highly acclaimed and darkly compelling series, Lily Bard delivers a hard-hitting mix of Southern charm and street smarts, a combination so alluring that long-time readers and newcomers will be dying to visit Shakespeare again.


“A neat surprise ending will reward Lily’s ardent fans.”


“Lily is a terrific character with dark shadings and stark fears, but learning strength and cleaving to it. A supporting cast of quirky characters fully rendered in quick strokes will hold readers as surely as the complex resolution in this cozy on the bleeding edge of noir.”


“Her latest engaging outing […] Indeed, Lily has such an engaging voice, full of pain and redemption, that the collecting of clues and the unfolding of the crime take a back seat to her personal story.”

Publishers Weekly

“Solid entertainment.”

Library Journal

“Lily Bard is an intriguing character, and readers will enjoy her attempts to make sense of human nature in general, and men in particular.”

RT Book Reviews

“SHAKESPEARE’S TROLLOP is without a doubt one of the best books in the Lily Bard series. [...] A fantastic read.”

Entertainment Focus

“Lily Bard has become one of my favorite fictional protagonists. This smart, gutsy woman is a terrific character. She is fearful but refuses to let it paralyze her. She throws her whole being into her martial arts classes and doesn’t back off when there are problems. Her relationship with her clients is fascinating, too. While the details of the mystery unfold, so does this complex and very human woman. It’s a great package.”

Contra Costa Times

“Those who enjoy Sue Grafton’s mysteries will love SHAKESPEARE’S TROLLOP. It is fast, straightforward, and well-plotted. Opening it is like diving into the water; it is shocking, chilling and fun.”

Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal

““It’s an efficient enough thriller, and Harris is good at painting the atmosphere of a small town where everyone knows everybody else’s business.”

The Independent (UK)

“Harris continues to inject her trademark humor into even her darker series, combining insights into the human psyche with gentle fun. I’ve never met a Harris book I didn’t find entertaining…a very fun way to spend the time.”

Rhapsody in Books

“Harris is very skillful at bringing in pertinent details without bogging the reader down in ancient history. Her ability to convey the insularity, the family histories and the gossipyness of a small Southern town without making it all sound stereotypically stupid is a testament to her skill as a writer and storyteller.”

Reviewing the Evidence

“Once again, a fabulous book from the superb author, Charlaine Harris […] I thought that the mystery plot this time was wonderful and had a nice little surprise twist at the end. For anyone who enjoys mysteries, I cannot recommend this series enough!”

All Readers Review

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