Shock Rock

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Stephen King … David J. Schow … Thomas Tessier … F. Paul Wilson … Richard Christian Matheson … Nancy A. Collins … Graham Masterton … Pay Garton … Rex Miller … and ten other stars of today’s shock fiction know what metalheads and moralists, punksters and preachers have known all along. Rock and roll, with its hot licks and raw glitter, has a dark side too — where the party stops and the terror begins.

Put on your headphones. Open this electrifying book. Rock to the world of horror where martyred musical super-legends return from the dead at 120 decibels … where radio stations sponsor ghastly giveaways that no living soul could want … where other-earthly pirates bootleg not records, but human souls … where people are strange … and the devil rocks all night.


“Not for the fainthearted […] A spine-tingling anthology.”


“A rockin’ good read.”

USA Weekend

“Enough werewolves, vampires, and really sick stuff to keep rock-horror afficianados as happy as the proud owner of a demonically possessed 59 Les Paul.”

Radio & Records

“A bunch of hot licks in this scary stack of stories. You can almost hear the screams.”

Comic Buyer's Guide

“The bargain of the century. You’ve got to have this book.”

Rocky Mountain News

“Breaks new ground with the variety of talent that turned out new and original pieces of fiction for this collection.”

World of Fandom

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