Other Short Story Collections

These are collections of short stories by R.A. Lafferty.

The Back Door of History (1988)
The Early Lafferty (1988)
The Early Lafferty II (1990)
Four Stories Funnyfingers & Cabrito (1976)
Golden Gate & Other Stories (1982)
Heart of Stone, Dear and Other Stories (1983)
Mischief Malicious (and Murder Most Strange) (1991)
Slippery and Other Stories (1985)
Snake in His Bosom and Other Stories (1983)
Through Elegant Eyes: Stories of Austro and the Men Who Knew Everything (1983)


“While generally categorized as a science fiction writer, R.A. Lafferty was — to use the old phrase — sui generis. His gonzo stories, with their surrealist plots and jacked-up diction, revel in excess, bizarreness of every sort and parenthetical winks to the reader. You don’t so much read these absurdist tall tales as let them wash over you.”

Washington Post

“Indeed, all of the short stories, Lafferty’s primary métier, are getting reprinted. But they are not appearing in economical formats designed to attract newbies. Of the novels, both extant and unknown, we hear not a word. Still, what has been achieved is nothing to sniff at, and I, for one, am extremely grateful [...] You get tales that are at once postmodern and ancient; funny and tragic; capricious and predestined; broad yet subtle. They would seem to accurately convey the nonpareil mind and heart and weltanschauung of the writer himself.”


“Lafferty seems a neglected seer […] and this book deserves a wider audience than it’s found so far.”

Los Angeles Review of Books

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