Side Show (#2)

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The 13th Spacebourne is the elite fighting force of the Accord of Free Worlds. For decades, the Accord tried to keep out of the war that divided the galaxy. But now, they have no choice — it’s fight or die. And the soldiers of the 13th Spacebourne are the “lucky” ones chosen to do it.

The Accord’s campaign to liberate Jordan from the Hegemony has stalled — well short of its objectives. Most important is a secret lab behind enemy lines doing research that could decide the outcome of the war. The soldiers of the Lucky 13th have their assignment, to rescue the scientists and recover their results … and the boys know all too well that if they fail, nobody will be coming to rescue them.

Meet the soldiers of the “Lucky 13th” …

Colonel Stossen is the only commanding officer the “Lucky 13th” has ever had. He doesn’t always like what he has to ask his men to do, but he always knows they’ll do it — or die trying.

Lieutenant Kilo Keye was finally commissioned from the ranks after joining the service at age thirty. He was overdue for a promotion, but everyone knew it was inevitable — if he survived long enough.

Sergeant Joe Baerclau has been a soldier for a quarter of his life. He’s a physically small man, but he’s unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat … and when his eyes begin to smoulder, his men will follow him anywhere.

Corporal Private Mort Jaiffer is the “old man” of his squad at twenty-eight. This former college professor turned down a chance at officer school and resisted promotion for as long as possible, but he’s just too good to remain a corporal forever.

Private Wiz Mackey has a personal stake in the fight against the Heggies. They killed his best friend during the 13th’s last campaign, and he was badly wounded himself. Now he means to pay back that debt — with interest.


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