Smoke and Ashes (#3)

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Tony Foster, fledgling wizard and now trainee assistant director on Darkest Night—the syndicated vampire detective show—is hoping that they only supernatural events he’ll be caught up in are those in the script. 

But that isn’t meant to be, for a demonic convergence is about to begin, creating weak spots through which lesser demons may enter the world. To complicate matters, Leah, the incredibly seductive stuntwoman who freelances for the show, is an immortal Demongate. Should Leah die, the Demongate will open and her sensual demon master will wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting human race.

Can Tony—with the help of Leah, Henry, a tabloid reporter, a Mountie, and the cast of Darkest Night—halt a demonic invasion and stave off the end of the world?


“Fans of Buffy and The X-files will cheer the latest exploits of Tony Foster […] This spinoff from Huff’s popular Blood series stands alone as an entertaining supernatural adventure with plenty of sex, violence and sarcastic humor.”

Publishers Weekly

“Frantic demon-fighting action and magical musing provide the thrills, but there’s also a lot of humor, with some real laugh-out-loud moments — and just a bit of romance — in a truly entertaining mix.”


“Huff’s third addition to her Smoke series demonstrates her talent for creating believable suspense out of the most improbable circumstances. Vibrant characters and a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of current TV trends make this a strong addition to most fantasy or horror collections.”

Library Journal

“Start it on Friday night so you can read it straight through to the finish. Recommended.”


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