Sporting Chance (#2)

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After narrowly escaping from a twisted cabal that organized hunting parties using human prey, ex-Regular Space Service officer Heris Serrano and her wealthy employer Lady Cecelia must transport a special passenger home.

He is Prince Gerel—first in line to the throne. Unfortunately, he was also a somewhat unknowing participant in the “hunt,” and his family is quite eager to avoid a scandal. But Lady Cecelia notices that Gerel is not himself. In fact, he seems mentally impaired, as if he’s been drugged, but the prince’s possible poisoning is only the beginning.

When Heris and Cecelia arrive at the royal stronghold of Rockhouse Major, they are pulled into a political conspiracy rooted in pettiness and desires for revenge. As outside agents make moves to unseat the throne, Cecelia is incapacitated by a bitter enemy from her past.

Without the protection of her benefactor, Heris and her skeleton crew must navigate the perilous halls of power to rescue Cecelia, the prince, and possibly the universe…


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