Suicide Kings by Stephen Blackmoore

Suicide Kings (#7)

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The seventh book of this dark urban fantasy series follows necromancer Eric Carter through a world of vengeful gods and goddesses, mysterious murders, and restless ghosts.

Family is murder.

When Eric Carter helps a friend with a deadly ritual that could determine the fate of the most powerful mage family in Los Angeles he steps into the middle of centuries-long feuds with people who make the Borgias look like the Brady Bunch.

Eric’s just fine with the murder, soul eaters, and death magic. He’s just having trouble adjusting to being brought back from the grave.

If he’s not careful, somebody’s going to put him right back.


“Stephen Blackmoore’s ability to write thrilling action and mystery, political intrigue, and a main character that is completely engrossing is why this book is so good. If you like action, paranormal intrigue with political overtones, and family drama, this book is for you.”

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"[P]henomenal and compulsively readable."

Shiri Weinbaum Sondheimer

"I loved reading this book! I devoured it, it was so quick and easy to read! I loved continuing to watch Eric deal with all these supernatural problems!"

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