The Bayern Agenda (#1)

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When the Illyrican Empire takes an interest in the galaxy’s biggest bank, a team of Commonwealth covert operatives tries to stop a cold war from turning hot.

Simon Kovalic, top intelligence operative for the Commonwealth of Independent Systems, is on the frontline of the burgeoning Cold War with the aggressive Illyrican Empire. He barely escapes his latest mission with a broken arm, and vital intel which points to the Illyricans cozying up to the Bayern Corporation: a planet-sized bank.

There’s no time to waste, but with Kovalic out of action, his undercover team is handed over to his ex-wife, Lt Commander Natalie Taylor. When Kovalic’s boss is tipped off that the Imperium are ready and waiting, it’s up to the wounded spy to rescue his team and complete the mission before they’re all caught and executed.


“Moren revisits the world and key characters from THE CALEDONIAN GAMBIT in the bombastic Galactic Cold War series launch, telling a frenzied story full of bold spycraft and exciting ground and air chases.”

Publishers Weekly

“Fast-paced, high-action space opera with a spy adventure bent […] think Star Trek meets Mission: Impossible.”

Barnes & Noble

“THE BAYERN AGENDA is an expertly written combination of science fiction and espionage thriller, filled with well-drawn characters and a story you won’t be able to stop reading.”

Reviews & Robots

“THE BAYERN AGENDA is well worth a shot, as it mixes genres, creates an interesting galactic history and focuses on a high-charged stalemate between two superpowers.”

The Fantasy Book Critic

“If you’re looking for an action thriller with some nicely executed science fiction flourishes, then look you need look no further.”

The Eloquent Page

“THE BAYERN AGENDA is a cold war-style detective story set in a science fiction universe, taking advantage of the best tropes each genre has to offer […] This space opera will be enjoyed by those who like a mixture of the light-hearted and the imminent danger.”

The British Fantasy Society

“THE BAYERN AGENDA exchanges the trench coats and fedoras for spaceships and lasers […] I can’t wait to see the sequel.”

Spy Write

“A twist-laden caper of intrigue and improv filled with dark humour and, uh, surprisingly engaging galactic economics.”

Antony Johnston, creator of Atomic Blonde and The Exphoria Code

“An action-packed thriller with a new twist in every chapter–the kind of book you don’t want to put down. THE BAYERN AGENDA reads like Mission Impossible set in space. Filled with well-rounded characters and an incredibly rich backstory, Moren brings his vision of a cold war galaxy to brilliant life.”

Michael Mammay, author of Planetside

“THE BAYERN AGENDA is exactly the dose of intergalactic espionage you need. Action, humor, and pathos, wrapped up in a plot that Le Carre would be proud of […] Moren is one to watch.”

Eric Scott Fischl, author of Dr. Potter’s Medicine Show