The Best Thing You Can Steal (#1)

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Welcome to London, but not as you know it. A place where magics and horror run free, wonders and miracles are everyday things, and the dark streets are full of very shadowy people . . .

Gideon Sable is a thief and a con man. He specializes in stealing the kind of things that can’t normally be stolen. Like a ghost’s clothes, or a photo from a country that never existed. He even stole his current identity. Who was he originally? Now, that would be telling. One thing’s for sure though, he’s not the bad guy. The people he steals from always have it coming.

Gideon’s planning a heist, to steal the only thing that matters from the worst man in the world. To get past his security, he’s going to need a crew who can do the impossible . . . but luckily, he has the right people in mind. The Damned, the Ghost, the Wild Card . . . and his ex-girlfriend, Annie Anybody. A woman who can be anyone, with the power to make technology fall in love with her.

If things go well, they’ll all get what they want. And if they’re lucky, they might not even die trying . . .


"Master thief and con man Gideon Sable has a plan. He intends to breach the private vault of Fredric Hammer, noted bad guy, and rob him blind. To do that, he needs to assemble a crack team of professionals. But this is no ordinary team, because this is no ordinary London. This is an alternate London, wherein ghosts and demons and people with special gifts coexist with regular human folk. And Gideon's team consists of former girlfriend Annie Anybody, whose gift is luck; a fellow known as the Damned (because he's, you know, damned); the Ghost, who retains the memory of what it is to be a man; and the Wild Card, who sees all the truths in the world. Each of them has a score to settle with Hammer, and each of them is willing to risk plenty to get revenge. This novel by the author of the terrific Ishmael Jones series is a treat for anyone who relishes the blending of alternate-world fantasy, urban fantasy, and the caper novel. Exciting, witty, and stuffed full of fun."


"[Green] gives an urban fantasy twist to Oceans 11."

Publisher's Weekly

"This book is pure fun."

Grimdark Magazine

"You don’t so much read a Simon R Green novel as grab on with both hands and hope you’re still alive at the end of the ride... [Green's] writing is the very definition of pure, unadulterated escapism."

The Eloquent Page

"If you like the idea of a snark-sparked team coming together in order to pull off the caper of the century, Gideon Sable might just be your jam."

Reading Reality

"If you like gritty, funny, slapdash urban fantasy heist novels with crazy characters...ou will enjoy this."

HIdden in Pages

"[Featuring] pacey writing, strong characters and tongue-in-cheek humour that doesn’t take itself too seriously."

Brain Fluff

"The characters are interesting, the settings are unusual. Simon just has such fun stories!"

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