The Black Hearts Murder (#2)

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A city seethes with racial tension, and a political fixer tries to keep the peace

In a forgotten neighborhood of downtown Banbury, Harlan James preaches the revolution, teaching young black men and women to stand up for their rights. According to the district attorney, he’s also been teaching them to make bombs. This is a lie, a political ploy designed to undermine the radical leader and maintain Banbury’s status quo. But no matter how tightly the authorities frame James, revolution is coming—and the streets will run with blood.

As the city verges on chaos, the governor asks his top troubleshooter, Mike McCall, to keep an eye on James’s trial. When James skips bail, the city’s most violent citizens—black and white—threaten to riot. To save the city from destroying itself, McCall must find James and unravel the chilling mystery of the Black Hearts.


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