The Book of Air (#4)

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The thrilling conclusion to the adventures of the four elemental dragons and their human guides, the fourth and final book of the history-spanning Dragon Quartet fantasy series.

In the fourth novel of this popular tetralogy, Marjorie B. Kellogg brings together the four elemental dragons and their human companions in a desperate quest to free Air from her as-yet-undiscovered prison—and stop Fire before his devastating reign destroys the world.


“Will appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey and Patricia Wrede […] an original take on dragon lore, this book’s appealing writing and sympathetic characters will please dragon fans. This final entry wraps up the series in a satisfying manner.”

RT Book Reviews

“A powerful work of sword and sorcery. All loose ends are tied up and all questions are finally answered so readers are left totally satisfied and gratified with this magnificent tale and the entire four-book saga.”

Midwest Book Review

“Wonderful characterization […] even the minor players in this grand drama have a real force and personality that comes shining through the pages. THE BOOK OF AIR represents the end of an ambitious series, and I think Kellogg pulled it off quite well — even managing to throw in a pretty big twist I was not expecting at the end.”


“An exciting fantasy tetralogy with all the right ingredients.”


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