The Book of Earth (#1)

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“In the beginning of the World, four dragons were raised from elemental energies and set to work creating a climate and atmosphere. They were called Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. When their job was done and the World was set in motion, the four found lairs where they expected to sleep out this particular world’s history and not rise again until World’s End.”

But long before World’s End something has begun to go horribly wrong, and Erde, only daughter of a powerful lord, is the one person who seems able to sense it. 

With her mother and grandmother dead, and no one left to protect her from the madness being spread by a priest ready to sacrifice anything and anyone to his cause, Erde flees her father’s castle. In her flight, she stumbles across the dragon called Earth. 

Drawn together by their mutual peril and need, Erde and Earth have no choice but to join forces on a quest to find Earth’s mage, the one human who, perhaps, can set the World back on its proper course.


“Dragon fans are really going to love THE BOOK OF EARTH […] The dragon is absolutely irresistible. When he’s on stage, sparks of excitement leap through the pages. By the end of the book and the dramatic introduction of Water, you will indeed find it hard to wait for the next tale.”

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“Entertaining […] Kellogg’s characters make a delightful quartet […] neatly balances Erdes’s fish-out-of-time experiences with N’dock, a modern man who encounters real magic for the first time with a sense of awe.”


“From first page to last this is an excellent book. This book has magic, love, humor, action and dragons: something for everyone! This should appeal to all fantasy readers, young and old. I eagerly look forward to the other books in the series.”


“An enchanting fantasy, filled with adventure, villains, romance, and hope, not to mention a heroine with some spunk […] The travels create a magical tapestry of intrigue and daring. The characters are delightfully evil and inspiringly good, a true fairy tale. Throw in romance, danger, enchanting valleys and desolate mountains, heart stopping confrontations and blissful pastoral quiet. It is a book of contrasts which weaves a spell over the reader. A must for all those dragon lovers of other writers like Wrede and McCaffrey. I can’t wait for the next.”


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