The Bronze of Eddarta (#3)

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Written with Vicki Ann Heydron

Gharlas, the murderous caravan leader who stole the Ra’ira, has left Raithskar and fled across the desert. His destination is Eddarta, a city rife with corruption and slavery. And Rikardon, along with his telepathic warcat, Keeshah, and the beautiful illusionist Tarani, intend to be waiting when he gets there. Tarani soon learns of another reason to journey to the distant city. Her mother, Zefra, is still living and married to Eddarta’s High Lord, Pylomel. Despite her rank, Zefra is little more than a prisoner herself—and her revelations about Tarani’s heritage put the travelers in mortal danger from the ruthless ruler and his ambitious son. Outnumbered yet determined, Rikardon and Tarani must rescue the gemstone before Gharlas sets his insane plan in motion… and before their luck finally runs out.


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