The Crown Jewels (#1)

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Peleng is a planet ripe for the plucking, and Drake Maijstral is an Allowed Burglar rated in the Top Ten by the Imperial Sporting Commission. But what should be a simple case of breaking-and-plundering turns into an intergalactic crisis when Maijstral steals something so rare, so valuable, so utterly desirable, that everyone wants it—everyone including well-armed Imperial spies, gun-toting human militias, a homicidal maniac with a very large sword, and a fanatical countess with a really, really nasty croquet habit. 


“A talented chameleon-like author, Williams has written superior science fiction ranging from cyberpunk to philosophical novels. Now he offers a light, roguish comedy of manners set in a stellar empire where style is so highly valued that thieves are allowed […] A deft, charming entertainment that honorably recalls the classic of this genre.”

Publishers Weekly

“THE CROWN JEWELS reveals the author’s flair for understated wit and delicate sarcasm. Known for his hard-biting cyberpunk novels, Williams deserves appreciation for his comedic fiction as well.”

Library Journal

“Sophisticated science fiction comedy at its best.”

Fantasy Literature

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