The Deed of Paksenarrion

Paksenarrion, a simple sheepfarmer’s daughter, yearns for a life of adventure and glory, such as was known to heroes in songs and story. At age seventeen she runs away from home to join a mercenary company and begins her epic life . . .

Book One, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter: Paks is trained as a mercenary, blooded, and introduced to the life of a soldier . . . and to the followers of Gird, the soldier’s god.

Book Two, Divided Allegiance: Paks leaves the Duke’s company to follow the path of Gird alone—and on her lonely quests encounters the other sentient races of her world.

Book Three, Oath of Gold: Paks the warrior must learn to live with Paks the human. She undertakes a holy quest for a lost elven prince that brings the gods’ wrath down on her and tests her very limits.

Collects all three The Deed of Paksenarrion volumes in one complete novel.

For more set in The Deed of Paksenarrion universe, read Elizabeth Moon’s The Legacy of Gird and Paladin’s Legacy Series.


“The entire narrative contains in various degrees, superb writing, a sound and gritty knowledge of military life and action, and a psychological/ethical substratum of enviable intricacy and depth.”


“A superlative fantasy trilogy.”


“Superb. The perfect entry into fantasy.”


“THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION just simply worked on every level a story should work: believable characters, consistency in the world shown in the story, and strong narrative pull, among others. It stands out not just because it is a Military Fantasy written by a woman about a woman protagonist, but mainly because it is a terrific and engaging story.”

SF Signal

“In my opinion, this is a fantastic, well-written piece of fantasy that carries through generations.”

Pop Cult HQ

“For once the promises are borne out […] I can only say that I eagerly await whatever Elizabeth Moon chooses to write next.”

Lan’s Lantern

“Elizabeth Moon has created a true hero […] The three books of THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION can only make us hope to see more from Elizabeth Moon.”

The News of Salem

“Brilliant. Superbly cast with protagonists and supporting characters that will enchant the reader.”


“A classic of the genre.”


“One I’d point to if somebody was looking for what is now considered Classic High/Military Fantasy.”

Bob Bedford of SFF World

“I think for those who enjoy a certain type of fantasy, the traditional battle of good versus evil, the hero’s journey […] this would be a terrific read.”

Fantasy Review Barn

“The trilogy is entertaining […] truly gripping and moving.”

Fantasy Faction

“One of the great works of epic fantasy fiction […] The pacing is excellent throughout, with a great balance of action, suspense, and moral philosophy. Moon incorporates descriptions of the physical world and the details of horsemanship and fighting smoothly into her writing. Finally, I like that there’s a clear hero to get behind here, but still some gritty details. Paks earns her status.”

Blogging for a Good Book

“When I want something entertaining to read, there are a number of authors I find I can usually rely on to provide what I want. For example, Robin Hobb, Lois McMaster Bujold, Anne McCaffrey – and Elizabeth Moon, who for over 30 years has produced solid, enjoyable, trustworthy entertainment. Her Paksennarrion series is one of the most enjoyable Fantasy series I have read.”


“One of the absolute classics of military fantasy. A masterful blend of the reality of military life with the magic and worldbuilding of the best fantasy. Paksennarion is one of the greatest military fantasy characters of all time. Captures the essence of what it’s like to be a soldier and makes you feel like you’re part of the unit.”

Michael Mammay Col. (retired), author of Planetside

“This is the first work of high heroic fantasy I’ve seen that has taken the work of Tolkien, assimilated it totally and deeply and absolutely, and produced something altogether new […] This is the real thing. Worldbuilding in the grand tradition, background thought out to the last detail […] Her military knowledge is impressive, her picture of life in a mercenary company most convincing. Bravo!”

Judith Tarr


Anne McCaffrey

“A tour de force.”

Jack McDevitt

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New York Times Bestseller List


Winner Compton Crook Award: “Best First Novel”


Reedsy: “100 Fantasy Books of All Time”