The Fire’s Stone

It was a long fall from Clan Heir to common thief, but Aaron never wanted any part of his father’s brutal outlander reign. In fact, besides coin purses and jewels, there’s very little in all of Cisali that interests Aaron, until he stumbles—quite literally—into a prince’s bedchamber… 

Prince Davish of Ischia is a skilled swordsman both on the field and beneath the sheets, at least when he isn’t outrageously drunk. But the wine helps him forget all the ways he’s disappointed his father, his family, and soon enough, his young bride-to-be… 

A trained Wizard of the Nine with more raw talent than real-world experience, Princess Chandra has no interest in the politically arranged marriage. She flees to the royal city of Ischia seeking a way out of the union. But there, she discovers something far more shocking than Prince Davish’s rakish reputation… 

The Stone of Ischia has been stolen. A powerful talisman, The Stone protects the city from the active volcano that looms over its terraces and streets. Without it, Ischia will be destroyed and the kingdom of Cisali will fall. Its only hope is an unlikely band of heroes—a failed thief, a drunken prince, and a runaway wizard—who must face pirates, powerful magic, and their own carefully guarded secrets in order to find and restore the Stone of Ischia.


“The delightful camaraderies of three unlikely heroes and well-controlled fantasy elements that are integral to the plot make Huff’s adventure great fun to read.”

Publishers Weekly

“The rising star of Tanya Huff shines brightly in this engrossing fantasy novel […] Ms. Huff is a superlative talent who brings freshness and excellence to all of her work, also adding a depth of characterization that greatly enhances the appeal of her inventive fantasy novels.”

Rave Reviews

“An engrossing story [...] [with] plenty of wonderful adventure [...] The kingdoms are beautifully detailed and very enjoyable to travel through [...] and I highly recommend it.”

Errant Dreams

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