The Glass of Dyskornis (#2)

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Written with Vicki Ann Heydron

Ricardo, now renamed Rikardon, has cleared himself of accusations that he stole the sacred Ra’ira. But he still has enemies, especially in Gandalara’s seamy, dangerous underbelly. A powerful moneylender is threatening Rikardon’s loved ones to ensure a debt is repaid. Rikardon leaves the city of Raithskar for Thagorn, home to the Sharith—a brotherhood of warcat riders like himself. Thagorn is expecting another new arrival too—an illusionist named Tarani, whose uncle, Volitar, is a famed glassblower with information on the Ra’ira’s whereabouts. Tracking down Volitar forces them into an uneasy alliance… and into the path of a murderous villain intent on using the gem’s power to rule Gandalara, no matter what the consequences may be…


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