The Goblin Corps

Welcome to the Goblin Corps. May the best man lose. Morthûl, the dreaded Charnel King, has failed. Centuries of plotting from the heart of the Iron Keep, deep within the dark lands of Kirol Syrreth—all for naught. Foiled at the last by the bumbling efforts of a laughable band of so-called heroes. Still, after uncounted centuries of survival, the Dark Lord isn’t about to go down without a fight, particularly in battle against a mortal! No, the Charnel King still has a few tricks up his putrid and tattered sleeves, and the only thing that can defeat him now may just be the inhuman soldiers on whom he’s pinned his last hopes.


“The funniest genre novel of the year […] it was a blast.”

Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Review

“Ari Marmell mixes the best ideas of [Jim C. Hines and R.A. Salvatore] with the grittiness of Joe Abercrombie in THE GOBLIN CORPS [...] It’s exceptionally clever and wonderfully enjoyable to read.”

Grasping for the Wind

“Bloody, savage fun.”

SF Signal

“Will appeal primarily to those looking for a light, fun read.”

SF Site

“Marmell has cleverly turned the bad guys into good guys without cleaning up a single drop of blood or amending anyone’s ill manners. THE GOBLIN CORPS serves up gore and guile with a side of amusement—a great read for anyone who’s ever wondered what the world looks like from the sinister side!”

Kevin Hearne, author of The Iron Druid Chronicles

“I can’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a thumping great-big-action fantasy novel […] a big, loud, stadium concert of a book. It is unashamed. It is exciting, funny, dramatic, emotional, and utterly readable. It takes fantasy stereotypes, shoves them in your face, and dares you not to be entertained by them. It’s just great fun to read and we all like fun, right?”

James Barclay, author of The Chronicles of the Raven

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