The Heart of Valor (#3)

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Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr was a Confederation Marine’s marine. She’d survived more deadly encounters—and kept more of her officers and enlisteds alive—than anyone in the Corps, and she was determined to keep the record intact. But since her last mission, she’d been sidelined into endless briefings and debriefings with no end in sight. 

So, of course, she’d jumped at the chance to go to the Crucible—the Marine Corps training planet—as temporary aide to Major Svensson. The major had been reduced to little more than a brain and spinal cord in his last combat, and he and his doctor were anxious to field test his newly re-grown body.

It should have been an easy twenty-day run. After all, Crucible was only set up to simulate battle situations so recruits could be trained safely. But they were barely on-planet when someone started blasting the training scenarios to smithereens. 

And suddenly Kerr found herself not only responsible for the major and his doctor, but caught in a desperate fight to keep a platoon of Marine recruits alive until someone discovered what was happening on Crucible…


“Fast-paced. The intriguing and well-designed aliens and intricate plotting keep the reader guessing.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s a great mix of military action and mystery with lots of twists and fun characters.”


“Huff has written an engaging new installment in the tales of Torin Kerr that is likely to please."

SciFi Weekly

“Series fans will enjoy this fast-paced adventure, appealing to the same audience as David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. A good choice for most sf collections.”

Library Journal

“One of the refreshing things about Tanya Huff’s Confederation series, of which this is the third, is that even though they’re essentially military SF, they vary quite a bit from the usual pattern and are interesting as novels as well as military adventures. A nice mystery wrapped up in an adventure story.”

Critical Mass

“Rip-roaring military SF. This is Torin Kerr’s greatest test to date, and it takes a true heart of valor to get her through her trial.”


“I still read it nonstop. I love Tanya Huff’s work (both fantasy and SF) and will happily embard on any reading adventure she takes me on, especially one involving tough as nails Torin Kerr.”


“A fast, smooth pace combined with plenty of political machinations and battlefield skirmishes make for a satisfying read. The difficulties that come with several different species being integrated into a single fighting unit add depth and realism. Plenty of questions are raised regarding the Elders, the Others and a strange new life form pave the way for further exciting adventures.”

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#3 Locus Paperback Bestseller List


#8 Locus Hardcover Bestseller List


#4 Nielsen Bookscan SFF Paperback Bestseller List


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