The Lair

Jeff Blanchard got the call before he got the letter. His new daughter-in-law, Angie, has chilling news—his son Mike suddenly disappeared from their motel in Mexico. An old army friend of Jeff’s, Darrell Kinney—believed to be dead for almost 30 years—is very much alive and has been following the newlyweds through Mexico. The plane crash that let Kinney fake his own death was good luck, finding the fugitive Nazi was destiny. SS Officer Ernst von Schoenwald struck an expensive bargain for his life that day. Since then, he’s been hiding in plain sight, in a lavish Mexican compound, sitting on millions of dollars of stolen art. But Kinney is tired of waiting for his share. Mike was exactly the catalyst Kinney needed to set off a twisted life-and-death game of avarice and bloodlust designed to overthrow von Schoenwald and claim his spoils. Now, Blanchard, with the help of Angie and an attractive American teacher, must begin the frantic hunt to find his son before it’s too late.


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