The Last Woman in His Life (#31)

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Ellery Queen leaps into action when a jet-setter is murdered in Wrightsville

From New Year’s in Málaga to Christmas in Hawaii, John Levering Benedict III—or Johnny-B, as everyone calls him—is the crown prince of the jet set. He has 3 ex-wives, a limitless fortune, and more frequent flier miles than he can count. When Johnny-B tires of life in the sky, he sneaks off to a quiet corner of New England called Wrightsville, where he has purchased a cozy little hideaway. This 2nd home draws him to Ellery Queen—and soon leads Johnny-B to his unfortunate demise.

When the wealthy globetrotter invites the great detective to spend a weekend in Wrightsville, the site of Ellery’s most legendary triumphs, he also invites his 3 ex-wives. After announcing that he is amending his will for the benefit of an unnamed lover, Johnny-B is murdered, and it falls to Ellery Queen to name the woman who brought this shooting star back down to earth. 


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