The Mirror Prince (#1)

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Max Ravenhill was perfectly happy with his life as a history professor until he met Cassandra. Told that he was more than a thousand years old and had known Cassandra and her fellow Wardens all that time, that his life as Max was pure fiction implanted in his mind, and that he was being pursued by the Hunt and his only chance for survival was to flee to the realm of Faerie, Max can only assume that Cassandra is crazy—or he is. But soon it becomes all too clear that at least part of what she says is true. And unless he goes with her, he won’t live long enough to separate the truth from the lies.


“Violette Malan’s debut novel, THE MIRROR PRINCE, is everything a fantasy novel should be. There is adventure, there is romance, there is magic, there is danger and loss, love and sacrifice. There is lovely writing, and again, the promise of more to come.”

The Washington Times

“Malan’s fantasy debut straddles two worlds, each detailed in vibrant colors and images. believable characters and graceful storytelling make this a good addition to most fantasy collections.”

Library Journal

"[THE MIRROR PRINCE is a] Narnia-spiced fantasy debut, which also contains dashes of de Lint, Rowling and Tolkien."

Publishers Weekly

“A well-told secret identity tale.”

Year's Best Fantasy and Horror

“I can definitely recommend THE MIRROR PRINCE. The characters are wonderfully drawn, there are lots of surprises, and Malan’s world holds a potent charm.”

Charlaine Harris, NY Times bestselling author of DEAD AND GONE and DEAD IN THE FAMILY

“In THE MIRROR PRINCE, Violette Malan has accomplished that most difficult of fusions–she’s given a complex, high fantasy world a very readable contemporary voice.”

Tanya Huff, author of the Blood Books series

“Malan jumps right into the action. I enjoyed the book a great deal […] Max and Cassandra were fun, and it was interesting to see the relationship between the guardian and Max. Malan even gives us glimpses of “humanity” from the Basilisk Prince, and I always like conflicted characters.”

Jim C. Hines, author of Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero

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