The Privilege of Peace (#3)

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Warden Torin Kerr has put her past behind her and built a life away from the war and everything that meant. From the good, from the bad. From the heroics, from the betrayal. She’s created a place and purpose for others like her, a way to use their training for the good of the Confederation. She has friends, family, purpose.

Unfortunately, her past refuses to grant her the same absolution. Big Yellow, the ship form of the plastic aliens responsible for the war, returns. The Silsviss test the strength of the Confederation. Torin has to be Gunnery Sergeant Kerr once again and find a way to keep the peace.


“Huff’s skill at worldbuilding is impressive and, over the course of the Confederation and Peacekeeper series, the author has created a complex, multi-cultural setting in which to explore issues of colonialism and the trauma of war.”

Den of Geek

“Huff brings her action-packed Peacekeeper military SF trilogy to an explosive conclusion with this twisty third installment […] This rapid-fire adventure is brimming with tense intrigue and lively, believable human and alien characters.”

Publishers Weekly

“THE PRIVILEGE OF PEACE is, in theory, the last of the Torin Kerr books, and I’m going to miss her. I think this is my favorite of the three books, and Huff’s dry wit and incredibly apt but satirical descriptions caused me to laugh out loud often enough I ended up reading a quarter of the book out loud to answer the “what’s so funny” question each time. Highly recommended.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction

“It’s up to Torin and her team of extremely competent misfits to set things right. And kick ass and take names. THE PRIVILEGE OF PEACE is a very fun novel, and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.”

“The plot, full of small battles building up to a grand confrontation, moves at a breakneck pace, while Torin’s highly skilled team and their banter add welcome touches of humor to fraught situations. Enough threads are tied off to make this a reasonable conclusion to the series – but I’m hoping for more to come.”


“in a world where a lot of series either never finish or fizzle by the end, Tanya’s is stellar from beginning to end.”

Black Gate

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