The Purple Bird Mystery (#9)

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At the local golf course, Djuna discovers a century-old mystery

It’s the first day of summer, and the brilliant teenage sleuth Djuna is looking for a job when he meets a young boy named Jimmy, whose father is the new golf pro at the country club. While Jimmy and his dad are moving into the clubhouse, the movers drop an antique chest. When Djuna’s dog, Champ, picks up a piece of the shattered wood in his mouth, they see that it has writing on it. The letters spell purp, and they are the first clue in the most dangerous mystery of Djuna’s career.

The chest is a century old, and the mystery stretches back to the life of Jimmy’s great-great-grandfather. The dangers of the purple bird are not to be underestimated. Getting through this adventure alive will prove just as tricky as a hole in one.


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