The Return of the Discontinued Man (#5)

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Philip K. Dick Award-winning author Mark Hodder continues his Burton & Swinburne Adventures in an electrifying tale in which the future and the past collide―and the world itself may be altered forever…

Years ago, a madman from the future assassinated the beloved Queen Victoria―which inadvertently sparked the explosion of scientific and industrial advancement that thrust England into a technological age beyond anything ever imagined. And the effects of that event are about to be felt more than ever.

When a renowned scientist attempts to experiment on the assassin’s time-travelling suit, he unleashes a wave of chaos and conflicting timelines, resulting in blood red snow falling from the sky, and the adventurer Sir Richard Burton being tormented by jarring visions of alternate realities that are somehow both unavoidable and yet changeable. Time and reality may have just reached their breaking point.

But most disturbing of all, the legendary Spring Heeled Jack has returned―in several different places at the same time! These numerous “Jacks” are all very confused, very irritable, and very dangerous…

And they are all looking for Sir Richard Burton.


“There’s more than enough adventure, intrigue, invention, fun and engagement to satisfy everybody.”


“Hodder puts his knack for tall-tale spinning on full display, with such Victorian England celebrities as Herbert Spencer and H. G. Wells rubbing elbows with each other in one imaginative and enthralling scenario after another. Hodder’s growing legion of fans won’t be disappointed.“


“[Readers] will be riveted by Hodder’s ingenious reinventing of both history and recent present, while quailing at what that reimagining does to the future.”

Publishers Weekly

“The story is enhanced by a strong element of social commentary […] the series could comfortably end here, but some very intriguing possibilities are left open for future adventures with Burton and Swinburne. Recommended.”

Steampunk Canada

“It’s a clash of Victorian sensibilities meets Haight-Ashbury hipsters! […] we’d love to see the Burton and Swinburne saga get picked up as a TV or movie series for development. Seriously, it’s that good.”

Astro Guyz

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