The Search for Kä (#5)

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Written with Vicki Ann Heydron

Hidden somewhere in the ancient city of Kä lies the sword of the Kings—a precious artifact that will help Tarani and Rikardon wrest control away from the malevolent High Lord Indomel. Problem is, not only is the sword lost, but so is Kä itself. Rikardon and Tarani gather their strength in the Valley of the Sha’um, home to war cats like Rikardon’s companion, Keeshah. Tarani forms her own mindlink with Keeshah’s pregnant mate, Yayshah. Soon they’ll journey into the unforgiving desert to search for Kä, guided by memories Rikardon retrieves from the mystic All-Mind. But as Rikardon knows, while the sword can prove Tarani’s claim to the throne, it will also reveal a deception that she may never be able to forgive…


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