The Skull Throne (#4)

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The first three novels in Peter V. Brett’s groundbreaking Demon Cycle series—The Warded Man, The Desert Spear, and The Daylight War—set a new standard for heroic fantasy. The powerful saga of humans winnowed to the brink of extinction by night-stalking demons, and the survivors who fight back, has kept readers breathless as they eagerly turned the pages. Now the thrilling fourth volume, The Skull Throne, raises the stakes as it carries the action in shocking new directions.

The Skull Throne of Krasia stands empty.

Built from the skulls of fallen generals and demon princes, it is a seat of honor and ancient, powerful magic, keeping the demon corelings at bay. From atop the throne, Ahmann Jardir was meant to conquer the known world, forging its isolated peoples into a unified army to rise up and end the demon war once and for all.

But Arlen Bales, the Warded Man, stood against this course, challenging Jardir to a duel he could not in honor refuse. Rather than risk defeat, Arlen cast them both from a precipice, leaving the world without a savior, and opening a struggle for succession that threatens to tear the Free Cities of Thesa apart.

In the south, Inevera, Jardir’s first wife, must find a way to keep their sons from killing one another and plunging their people into civil war as they strive for glory enough to make a claim on the throne.

In the north, Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn struggle to forge an alliance between the duchies of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians before it is too late.

Caught in the crossfire is the duchy of Lakton—rich and unprotected, ripe for conquest.

All the while, the corelings have been growing stronger, and without Arlen and Jardir there may be none strong enough to stop them. Only Renna Bales may know more about the fate of the missing men, but she, too, has disappeared. . . .


“Peter V. Brett expands and deepens his endlessly fascinating and increasingly complex world.”


“Brett knows exactly what he’s doing […] The book is very steadily paced – this a slow burn and much of it focuses on the interpersonal relationships between various characters [though] there are plenty of action-packed key scenes peppered throughout the book. The demons are mostly added as a spice here; Brett is setting up his world and the characters in order to tell his epic fantasy tale in a way that is both personal and global. It’s a page-turner, and quite possibly the best so far.”

Starburst Magazine

“Heart thumping, adrenalin pumping [...] the crescendo is near perfect!"

Book Frivolity

“Complex and engaging […] all I can do is recommend this book to readers. I tore through this volume, and many nights I would stay up late to read just another chapter […] or four. I can’t wait to see how this diverse cast of characters takes on the demons once and for all.”

Fantasy Faction

“I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Peter Brett’s Demon Cycle series from the beginning, and the most recent addition, THE SKULL THRONE, continues to impress […] the characterization remains sharp, with characters either continuing to grow and mature, revealing sides of themselves previously hidden, or making some sharp (yet wholly believable) turns.”

Fantasy Literature

“Brett does a good job of keeping the action rolling along. This series is similar to those of Django Wexler, Daniel Abraham, and Patrick Rothfuss. Fans of their series will find something to enjoy here as well.”

SF Revu

“I have been enjoying The Demon Cycle through the first three books and even more after THE SKULL THRONE; I love the world building and enjoy the characters, but is also rewarding to see a writer’s skill and prowess grow from one novel to the next […] I cannot wait to see how Peter brings this epic tale to conclusion. Highly recommended.”

SFF World

“Get ready for deep intrigues and a lot of politics. This book is fast paced and a quick read, despite its near 700 pages.”

SciFi Fan Letter

“One of the best original magic systems I’ve ever read [...] I love it! And you will too.”

Strange Currencies

“The Skull Throne is exploding with action that will leave you breathless and wanting more!”

Faire’s Fair

“I love getting stuck into one of Peter V. Brett’s books because I know that I’ll be fully engrossed in a magical world filled with characters that are both totally alien and yet very human. Balancing fast-paced action with the ordinary tales of life for poor villagers and wealthy courtiers, ‘The Skull Throne’ was a pleasure to read and, long after I’ve finished it, I still find my thoughts returning to the events contained within its pages. Another satisfying book from Brett and I can’t wait to see how it all concludes in the next book.”


“The Demon Cycle has proven to be a series that demands binge reading, leaving me now in a state of extreme book-hangover. Needless to say, I’m looking eagerly forward to reading The Core!”

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#13 New York Times Bestseller


#5 Sunday Times Bestseller


#4 Der Spiegel Bestseller


Polish "Book of the Year" 2015 Finalist


Buzzfeed: “32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015”