The Sleepless

In a near-future New York City where a minority of the population has lost the need for sleep, a journalist fights to uncover the truth behind his boss’s murder on the eve of a sinister corporate takeover—while his own Sleeplessness spirals out of control.

A mysterious pandemic causes a quarter of the world to permanently lose the ability to sleep—without any apparent health implications. The outbreak creates a new class of people who are both feared and ostracized, most of whom optimize their extra hours to earn more money.

Jamie Vega, a journalist at C+P Media, is one of the Sleepless. When his boss dies in a suicidal overdose, Jamie doesn’t buy this too-convenient explanation—especially given its suspicious timing during a controversial merger—and investigates. But everything goes awry when Jamie discovers that he was the last person who saw Simon alive, and realizes that he has no memory of that night. Not only do the police suspect him, Jamie can’t account for the lost time, and the memory loss may have to do with how he became Sleepless: not naturally, but by biohacking his body through a risky and illegal process.

As Jamie delves deeper into Simon’s final days, he tangles with extremist organizations and powerful corporate interests, and must confront past traumas and the unforeseen consequences of biohacking himself. But he soon faces the most dangerous decision of all, as he uncovers a terrifying truth about Sleeplessness that imperils him—and all of humanity.


"Manibo neatly dissects the drawbacks of capitalist demands on society in this taut near-future procedural. It’s smart, high-tech noir."

Publisher's Weekly

“Bracing pageturner. . . . blending SF and mystery/thriller tropes with social justice concerns to discuss discrimination, ambition, betrayal, family, memory as defining who we are, and capitalism’s devastating will to power.”

Library Journal

“A tale of insidious, corporate-capitalist implications . . . and the human consequences of a life without dreams.”


"For a book about a pandemic, The Sleepless could have wallowed in misery or dystopia, yet Manibo opts for reflection and compassion. It pushes back against the pervasive idea that the future is unchangeable, that we are trapped on a path to chaos and exploitation"

"Within the beats of the whodunnit, The Sleepless is a deep, introspective reflection on the ways in which productivity has taken over our lives, and the novel crafts a compassionate treatise on what makes people’s lives worth living."


"A thoroughly captivating journey. . . . Manibo’s sure-footed speculative mystery is ambitious and engrossing, bringing readers into an unsettling but familiar future."

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

"Manibo is here not only to entertain in his debut novel, but to provide a reflection and insight into what matters amid crushing capitalism."

Ancillary Review of Books

"Victor Manibo's The Sleepless is a thrilling debut with a fresh edgy voice."

Harlan Coben, #1 NYT bestselling author

"Manibo has crafted a sharp, immersive dose of speculative fiction, a potent blend of science fiction and noir. The Sleepless will prove its name: you won’t be able to put it down, even as bedtime beckons."

Alex Segura, bestselling author of Secret Identity

“The Sleepless is just the beginning; Victor Manibo is an author to keep your eye on.”

Lara Elena Donnelly, author of The Amberlough Dossier and Base Notes

“Move over Minority Report, because The Sleepless has everything I want in a near-future science fiction whodunit: an irresistible ‘what if’ premise, a twisty and desperate murder investigation, and a razor-sharp examination of the inevitable and chillingly recognizable dark side behind a seemingly shiny and bright futuristic society. The Sleepless delivers; I could not close my eyes.”

Fonda Lee, author of the Green Bone Saga

"The Sleepless is an expertly crafted tale of exploitation and deceit set within the eldritch horror of a never-ending capitalist grind."

K. M. Szpara, author of First, Become Ashes

"A fascinating murder mystery set in a world plagued by an epidemic of insomnia, The Sleepless is the corporate thriller our dystopias deserve. Manibo asks not merely how such a pandemic would change our society, but how the corrupt systems would exploit and perpetuate it."

John Wiswell, Nebula Award-winning author

“A meditative near-future thriller that explores grief, meaning, and time in a world that’s terrifyingly plausible.”

Lincoln Michel, critically acclaimed author of The Body Scout

"A skillfully-executed, utterly immersive story of one man’s quest to clear his name, reclaim his soul and hopefully save the world in the process"

Sparkly Pretty Briiiiight

"One of the best novels I have read so far this year. Victor Manibo has nailed each detail to create a rich world and characters with whom we can empathize easily"

A Vueltas por los Mundos

"The Sleepless was an utter masterpiece...Manibo truly proved that he deserves to be amongst the sci-fi greats with how The Sleepless tackles the issue of the commodification and exploitation of human labor."

Your Tita Kate

"Victor Manibo’s debut novel The Sleepless is a sharp, thought-provoking science fiction mystery with an instantly compelling premise and some strong commentary on technology and corporate power....a gripping, pacy mystery with great queer and Asian rep, a world that feels well-realised and utterly real, and a speculative concept that’s as thought-provoking as it is entertaining."

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