The Snow Queen’s Shadow (#4)

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A broken mirror. A stolen child. A final mission to try to stop an enemy they never dreamed they would face.

When a spell gone wrong shatters Snow White’s enchanted mirror, a demon escapes into the world. The demon’s magic distorts the vision of all it touches, showing them only ugliness and hate. It is a power that turns even friends and lovers into mortal foes, one that will threaten humans and fairies alike.

And the first to fall under the demon’s power is the princess, Snow White…


“Hines fills this volume with heart-wrenching emotional scenes as well as exciting fight scenes, and brings each heroine’s arc to a reasonable conclusion. There’s plenty of room for readers to imagine further adventures, but the series feels satisfyingly complete.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Turns the classic fairy tale inside out. Action and adventure mixes with romance, which should please fans of traditional as well as revisionist versions of the work of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, and Charles Perrault.”

Library Journal

“Hines not only wraps up the series satisfyingly for the main character, he manages to click into place several bigger-picture elements which he’s been maneuvering into position over the entire four-book series. The environments are rich and the action is quick — as has happened before with these books I had to make myself slow down or go back because I’d gotten caught up in the action. Easily takes the top spot in the series and makes me want to re-read the other three all over again.”


“An engaging conclusion to a thrilling, thought-provoking saga.”

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall — read this book! Yes, read it all! […] The fourth and final book in Hines’ Princess series brings a complete, organic and realistic conclusion to many of the story arcs that have spanned the series. Add to this the exceptional character development and engaging dialogue, and you have a must-read.”

RT Book Reviews

“One of the best fairly tale updates I’ve seen in many years […] A powerful, exciting, action-packed adventure.”

Green Man Review

“Fans should be satisfied with the exciting showdown and soulful sendoff. I certainly was. As before, the action and adventure is non-stop with plenty of drama, magic, and inspired characters. Don’t miss this brilliant, action-packed fantasy series.”

Sci-Fi Chick

“A great ending to the series […] Hines’ best work so far.”

Fantasy Matters

“The series has been witty, smartly engaging, and well executed in nearly every facet. The Snow Queen’s Shadow, with its more intense emotionality, more high-stakes decision-making, and a refusal to have a “fairy-tale ending” ends the series on a pretty perfect note. The slipper fits. Recommended.”

Fantasy Literature

“THE SNOW QUEEN’S SHADOW is a twisted, dark and fun retelling of the tale of Snow White […] Fans of fantasy will enjoy this new fairy tale.”

Portland Book Review

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