The Soldier King (#2)

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Fulfilling their Mercenary contract, Dhulyn and Parno have accepted the surrender of Prince Edmir, heir to the Tegriani Realm. The Common Rule of the Mercenary Brothers states that prisoners taken by them go free and unharmed. But when the War Commander who hired them refuses to honor this agreement, the duo break their contract and escape with the prince. And thus they take the first step along a path that might lead Dhulyn to the truth about her past—or bring them to a magical trap from which there may be no escape.


“Malan has created an entertaining pair of mercenaries and a world for them to adventure within.”

Sacramento Book Review

“The plot twists and turns with plenty of action, good fun for any fan of S&S adventure.”


“The capture, escape, and chase sequences are all well done and exciting, but as with similar books by Fritz Leiber, Jennifer Roberson, and Simon R. Green, the real joy in the interplay between the two partners. There are prophetic visions, mysterious personal histories, a search for personal roots, and other peripheral elements to enrich […] and differentiate it from the competition. Easily the best of the author’s three novels to date.”

Critical Mass

“A fun sword and sorcery romp featuring engaging characters and an entertaining, multi-faceted world.

Fantasy Literature

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