The Spy Who Haunted Me (#3)

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Eddie Drood, at your service. For generations my family has been keeping humanity safe from the wicked, the nasty, and the generally not-nice inhuman predators who feed on people’s fear and misery. No one kicks evil arse better than us Droods—especially yours truly.

In fact, my arse-kicking skills have come to the attention of the legendary Alexander King, Independent Agent extraordinaire, who spent a lifetime doing anything and everything—for the right price. Now he’s on his deathbed, looking to bestow all of his priceless secrets to a worthy successor.

To decide, King challenges six competitors—myself included—to solve five mysteries all around the world, figuring that along the way we’ll backstab one another until only one remains. But I’ve got to win at all costs, because King holds the most important secret of all to the Droods: the identity of the traitor in our midst.


“As usual, the narrative moves at a fast clip and the sarcasm flows freely. Another action-packed melding of spy story and fantasy, featuring suave sleuthing, magican powers and a generous dash of dry wit.”


“Green’s Drood books are fun, funny and action-packed, and Eddie is one of Green’s most entertaining creations.”


“Engaging, well-crafted quests take the team from Loch Ness to Roswell, where Eddie is forced to choose between saving humanity and recovering the information his family desperately needs. Though some supporting characters are clearly meant to be disposable, Eddie makes a likable hero, and fans will enjoy following him through this surprisingly complex mystery.”

Publishers Weekly

“Once again, Green delivers a tale complete with witty dialogue, exciting action-packed adventure and close encounters of the bizarre kind — in Green’s classic wry style. A page-turner from first to last.”

RT Book Reviews


Gold Coast Review (Australia)

“Perhaps the best Eddie Drood adventure to date, with lots of snark, sardonic wit, violence and perhaps one of the most tender goodbyes in Green’s canon. Fans will love it, and those interested in giving Green a try should pick it up. Strongly recommended.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed THE SPY WHO HAUNTED ME, and I’ll cheerfully recommend it to anyone who wants some wide-screen no-holds-barred, big ideas and snappy execution thereof, urban fantasy adventure.”

Green Man Review

“I can’t think of anyone who writes this kind of light, occult adventure story more entertainingly than Green, and this is one of his best.”

Critical Mass

“Fast, fun and furious […] It had me smiling all the while I read.”

Crimespree Magazine

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