The Storm Witch (#3)

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Mercenary Partners Dhulyn and Parno have returned to their Mercenary House to clear themselves of accusations of kidnapping and murder. But before they can resolve these charges, old friends are taken hostage by the Long Ocean Nomads, and they are forced to come to the rescue, agreeing to trade their services for the release of their friends.


“A nicely swashbuckling tale […] Malan has become one of those writers whose new books I watch for."

Critical Mass

“Exciting […] fast-paced […] anything can happen to the delight of readers.”

Alternative Worlds

“Terrific fight scenes, excellent character development and just the right amount of political intrigue make for a great fantasy read.”

Monsters and Critics

“Another fine job of demonstrating the author’s ability with world building, creating yet another civilization populated with believable characters and conflicts that her likeable and complex duo become involved with […] a very entertaining read.”

Night Owl Romance

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