The Sunlit Man (#4)

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From the #1 Kickstarter campaign of all time—#1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson adds to his Cosmere universe shared by Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive with a new standalone novel that combines fantasy and science fiction. Illustrated by Ernanda Souza, Nabeste Zitro, and kudriaken.

Running. Putting distance between himself and the relentless Night Brigade has been Nomad’s strategy for years. Staying one or two steps ahead of his pursuers by skipping through the Cosmere from one world to the next.

But now, his powers too depleted to escape, Nomad finds himself trapped on Canticle, a planet that will kill anyone who doesn’t keep moving. Fleeing the fires of a sunrise that melts the very stones, he is instantly caught up in the struggle between a heartless tyrant and the brave rebels who defy him.

Failure means a quick death, incinerated by the sun…or a lifetime as a mindless slave. Tormented by the consequences of his past, Nomad must fight not only for his survival—but also for his very soul.


"The Sunlit Man is a detailed exhibition of the bright future of Sanderson’s vision. Sooner or later, fans of the Cosmere must not miss reading this dedicated tribute novel from Brandon Sanderson to his readers."

Novel Notions

"The Sunlit Man made me smile. It had me on the edge of my metaphorical seat... I enjoyed the characters, the setting, and the futuristic look at the Cosmere. I suspect many Sanderson fans will feel similarly."

The Quill to Live

"The Sunlit Man is a welcome and unexpected return to the Stormlight Archives, that leaves me with a burning (see what I did there) desire to reread this much loved series."

The Critiquing Chemist

"The Sunlit Man offers an immersive reading experience with its captivating plot, intricate worldbuilding, and intriguing magic system. It provides valuable insights into Nomad's past and sheds light on the current state of the Cosmere universe. It's a must-read for any fantasy readers."

Nazah Afreen

"Relentless and fast-paced, this book will leave you out-of-breath as you try to keep up!"

The Library Ladies

"The Sunlit Man is everything you want from a Brandon Sanderson novel, and I loved it. LOVED it. So much. The fantasy science. The broken hero. The redemption arc. The fight scenes. The weapons. The Cosmere. The Sanderlanche. So, you know what to expect. It’s all there, and it’s glorious."

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Awards & Accolades


#12 on the New York Times bestseller list!


#50 on the USA Today bestseller list!


#8 on the Sunday Times bestseller list!