The Twilight Queen (#2)

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Court jester Will Somers is drawn into another gripping and entertaining mystery when malevolent forces strike again at the court of Henry VIII – and Anne Boleyn is the target.

1536, London.
 Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, is in peril. In the mid of night, court jester Will Somers is summoned to an urgent assignation when she discovers a body in her chamber. The queen wants Will to find out who the man is and how he ended up there. Is someone trying to frame her for his murder?

Queen Anne has many enemies at court, and to make matters worse, Henry VIII is lining up his next conquest and suspects his queen of treason. Has the formidable Thomas Cromwell been whispering vile lies in the king’s ears, and could the queen be the target of a Catholic conspiracy? As further attacks plague the court, Will is determined to uncover the truth behind the plotting and devilry, but he will need to keep hold of all his wits to do so!


"Westerson's second King's Fool mystery (after Courting Dragons, 2023) vividly evokes the bawdy, lusty, turbulent, highly politicized, favor-currying atmosphere of King Henry’s court, and her vibrant characters, coupled with unexpected twists and a surprising conclusion, make this an entertaining read"


"Historical details mixed with a puzzling mystery make for a fine read, with several more wives to go."


"As usual, Jeri doesn’t disappoint. She gives the reader a fascinating story, great characters, and a mystery filled with plenty of twists and turns. I loved the book, and adore Will. I especially loved his relationship with his wife and Nicholas and hope we get to see much more of that in the next book!"

Kings River Life

"I really loved Will himself and loved Westerson’s imagining of him, and I appreciated the way she was able to further illustrate Tudor court life through her clever story. If you are a fan of the Tudors, don’t miss this read."

Aunt Agatha

"[I]f you want an unconventional Tudor mystery that has an unlikely sleuth as the protagonist, you should check out “The Twilight Queen” and A King’s Fool mystery series by Jeri Westerson."

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