The Weight of Command

Lieutenant Kiera Markov is a scout platoon leader for a peacekeeping force on the remote planet of Tanara, where little has happened for decades, and the only mission is to keep the lithium flowing up the space elevator to feed the galaxy’s incessant demand. But when an unprecedented attack kills the entirety of the brigade’s leadership, the untested lieutenant suddenly finds herself in command.

Isolated and alone, Markov must contend with rival politicians on both sides of the border, all of whom have suspect motives and reason to take advantage of an untested leader, while an unseen enemy seeks to drive the two sides toward a war that Markov has a mission to prevent. It’s enough to test even a seasoned leader.

Markov isn’t that.

With challenges from all sides, and even from her own troops, Markov will have to learn quickly and establish her authority. Because what hangs in the balance is not only the future of the peacekeeping force, but of the planet itself.


"Venture into this for witty characters, fast-paced plots, and great momentum!"

The Obsessive Bookseller

"As you’d expect from Michael Mammay, this is another tense military thriller – the pacing is superb."

Sifa Elizabeth Reads

"This story is told from inside Markov’s head, so we’re with her through every moment of fear, self-doubt, desperation, indecision and anguish. [...] Now that I’ve finished it, I’m looking forward to the author’s next"

Reading Reality

“Explosive action, compelling politics, and fallible characters faced with overwhelming odds, this is an exciting look at the complexities of military command.”

Zac Topping, author of WAKE OF WAR

"Major Markov is the perfect reluctant hero, and Mammay perfectly blends mystery, politics, and adventure in this hyper-realistic Sci-Fi military thriller. I highly recommend it to all Sci-Fi fans."

Scott Drakeford, Author of The Rise of Mages

"THE WEIGHT OF COMMAND opens with a nuke, and Mammay ratchets up the tension from there. In over her head and caught between enemies, Markov’s first rule is: don’t make things worse. They get worse…"

Craig Alanson, author of The Expeditionary Force series

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