The Wizard King (#4)

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The lust for power is a madness of its own.

Over the past year, princess Athaya Trelane emerged as the champion of the Lorngeld, beseeching them to defy the laws forbidding their magic and to embrace their gifts. For this she sacrificed everything—family, friendship, love—even her own sanity. Though her followers still face the terror of King Durek’s ruthless Tribunal, a far greater threat closes in on all of Caithe.

Brandegarth, the Sage of Sare, is leading an army of skilled wizards against the king, Athaya, and anyone else who opposes him. Brandegarth believes the Lorngeld are better than other men and are destined to rule the earth. If he succeeds in his rebellion, all the wealth and power of Caithe will belong to him, and non-magical citizens will be crushed under his reign.

Athaya’s quest to end centuries of Lorngeld persecution seems closer than ever, but Brandegarth’s strength is growing, threatening to obliterate all that she’s gained. With her mission, her people, and her kingdom on the line, Athaya must confront her greatest adversary yet—and this time, her magic may not be enough to save her.


“An exciting finale […] plenty of wizard’s challenges, rousing battles, and family fights to keep things exciting, and enough loose ends have been tied up to bring a fantasy series to a satisfying conclusion — a rare enough occurrence, these days.”


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