Until Relieved (#1)

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The 13th Spacebourne is the elite fighting force of the Accord of Free Worlds. For decades, the Accord tried to keep out of the war that divided the galaxy. But now, they have no choice — it’s fight or die. And the soldiers of the 13th Spacebourne are “the lucky” ones chosen to do it.

Two enemy empires are poaching Free World planets. The Lucky 13th must “hold until relieved,” delaying the actions of one empire while the Free Worlds’ main fleet fights on another front. If their mission succeeds, the fleet will come and rescue them. If anything goes wrong, the unlucky fighters of the Lucky 13th are on their own …

Meet the soldiers of the “Lucky 13th” …

Colonel Stossen is the only commanding officer the “Lucky 13th” has ever had. He doesn’t always like what he has to ask his men to do, but he always knows they’ll do it — or die trying.

Sergeant Joe Baerclau rarely shows any outward emotion, but when his gray eyes begin to smolder, his men know it’s time to get out of his way or follow him into action.

Corporal Ezra Frain is a veteran at age twenty. The tall redhead has joined the 13th after helping fight off the enemy’s invasion of his home planet. Now he’s ready to give that enemy a taste of his own poison.

Private Mort Jaiffer is the “old man” of his squad at twenty-seven. A former college professor turned soldier, he turned down a chance at officer school to be a private.

Private Kam Goff had never seen combat before landing on Porter, but before the end of his first day on the ground, he’d seen enough to last him a lifetime.


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