V is for Vampire: An Illustrated Alphabet of the Undead

A Is for Arterial Spray, 
B Is for Bedroom Window, 
C Is for Children of the Night . . .

A humorous and wonderfully illustrated A-to-Z guide that takes us inside the world of bloodsuckers. Learn all about that violent nut Van Helsing, the art of undead seduction, the dangerous myth of garlic, the trouble inherent in vampire real estate deals, the downside of eternal youth, as well as where to aim that wooden stake, with a friendly reminder to . . .

Lock the house and protect your neck!


“Vampire fiction fans looking for something a little unusual this summer should check out V IS FOR VAMPIRE […] Stellar illustrations and a highly amusing narrative make this book as appealing to fans of vampire fiction as a nubile virgin with an unusually long neck.”

Barnes & Noble

“A fun, brief book about horror. If you are looking for an amusing, illustrated guide to the undead that also has some shock value for leaving about so your non-genre savvy friends can find it, then this is the book for you.”


“V IS FOR VAMPIRE is a celebration of wit that points out the ups and downs of life after dark, the various rules and inconsistencies attributed to said un-life, and the heroes and villains that go bump in the night. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves the classic horror movies, likes ‘conversation pieces’ on the coffee table, or just loves vampires in general.”

Zombie Slam

“The subversive element is evident from the very first page […] Castro’s witty, and detailed, descriptions reward multiple and close readings.”

SF Site

“V IS FOR VAMPIRE is a tongue-in-cheek look at the lore of those iconic creatures from the night […] Castro’s prose will likely attract those people who yearn for their daily dose of Sookie Stackhouse or Edward Cullen.”

Hollywood Soapbox

“V IS FOR VAMPIRE […] is an illustrated guide to the dark, dangerous, and occasionally absurd world of vampires. This slim volume makes for light bedtime reading, and is beautifully illustrated.”


“The summer is winding down and you are looking for a fun, short read […] I have just the ticket for you: V IS FOR VAMPIRE by Adam-Troy Castro […] This is a great book to read as the beaches are closing or while you are waiting for the flight home. It is the perfect period on a long holiday. Recommended.”


“Castro heavily plays with the vampire mythos (and horror movies in general), pointing out many of the logical inconsistencies and silly cliches that infest the genre.”

Blood of the Muse

“By turns entertaining and thought-provoking, an entertaining alphabet book for those of us who love creatures of the darkness.”

Charlaine Harris, #1 New York Times bestselling author

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