Valor’s Choice (#1)

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Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle-hardened professional. So when she and her platoon were yanked from a well-deserved leave for what was supposed to be “easy” duty as the honor guard for a diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation world of the Silsviss, she was ready for anything. Sure, there’d been rumors of the Others—the sworn enemies of the Confederation—being spotted in this sector of space. But there were always rumors. The key thing was to recruit the Silsviss into the Confederation before the Others attacked or claimed these lizardlike warriors for their side. And everything seemed to be going perfectly. Maybe too perfectly…


“The notable Tanya Huff proves herself qually adept at military as as contemporary fantasy [...] [she] captures the ambiance of an elite military group and adds a rare depth to skillful characterization to make each personality stand up and be counted. Don’t miss this one.”

RT Book Reviews

“An intriguing alien race, a likeable protagonist, a fast moving plot, and a rousing ending. What more could you ask for?”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Gutsy, capable, and kick-ass. Everything a reader could hope for.”

Civilian Reader

“[Huff] strikes a balance between the physicality of war and the emotional toll it takes on troops on the ground, and between the personal and the political […] it’s just right for this kind of story where the balance of deftness and a delicate hand is required.”

From Cover to Cover

“Grabs the attention and doesn’t let go. Her writing is as crisp and engaging as ever […] I do look forward to seeing if Huff plans any more books set in this same universe.”

Asbolute Magnitude

“Readers who enjoy military sf will love VALOR’S CHOICE. Howlingly funny and very suspenseful. I enjoyed every word.”

“VALOR’S CHOICE is a rapid fire military science fiction. It features everything that you want to read in this genre from the techy gadgets down to the intriguing and interesting alien races […] Tanya Huff knows how to create an interesting world and great characters and the action when it takes place will leave you wanting more.”

The Book Plank

“From the outset I was hooked [...] VALOR’S CHOICE is a page turner […] The more I read of Tanya Huff the more of a fan I become.”

The Cult Den

“From the moment things start to kick off, the narrative ramps up a gear and doesn’t ease down until the very end — which also had an unpredictable twist I thoroughly appreciated […] If you enjoy military science fiction on any level, give this book a go.”