Valor’s Trial (#4)

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After surviving the perils of the Crucible, the Marine Corps planet where a routine training assignment had taken a deadly twist—Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr returned to Ventris Station just in time to link up with her old platoon and head out to a new war zone, an area of space where the enemy known as the Others appeared to be building up its forces for a preemptive strike. 

Sent to pull back troops who’d moved up to an indefensible position, Torin was caught in the heaviest fighting just as a devastating air strike reduced the whole area to slag. The Corps concluded that she was dead. But despite irrefutable evidence, neither Torin’s father nor salvager Craig Ryder agreed. 

And the truth was that Torin had survived. She woke to discover that she was trapped in a series of underground caves that appeared to be an enemy-run POW camp. But everyone knew the Others never took prisoners—or did they? 

Could Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr escape this prison that shouldn’t even exist, taking as many Marines as possible with her? Though she was determined to get herself and her Marines back to the Confederation, Torin had no idea how crucial her attempt could prove, not only to her own well-being, but to the course of the entire war.


“Huff’s appealing heroine is as fiercely maternal as she is fierce in battle [...] The denoument is not unexpected, but Huff skillfully accomplishes its exposition while still managing a few surprises.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s a great read, a powerful surviving scenario made particularly fascinating by the interactions of multiple species working together.”


“Filled with both action scenes and personal drama, this sf adventure belongs in most libraries.”

Library Journal

“A cracking good military yarn. Packed full of intense battle scenes, some great tech toys and snappy dialog, Huff once again demonstrates her prowess as an extremely talented author.”

Monsters & Critics

“Fast moving action and an appealing protagonist embellish an interesting plot. The novel is a kind of cross between early Andre Norton and Lois McMaster Bujold.”

Critical Mass

“Highly entertaining […] I can’t wait to find out what comes next.”

Book Loons

“Tanya Huff writes great sci-fi and great military books and the first three instalments of the Confederation novels were a superb read, but with VALOUR’S TRIAL Huff excels. I have loved the adventures of Torin Kerr and, whilst the other titles were great fun, this novel has a sense of realism to it […] A must read Military Sci-Fi novel by an author rapidly shooting up my favourites list.”

The Cult Den

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#4 Locus Bestseller List


#8 Nielsen Bookscan SFF Bestseller List


#15 Globe & Mail Bestseller List