Voices from Beyond (#5)

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Ghost-busting is never simple: just ask the Ghost Finder’s of New York Timesbestselling author Simon R. Green’s Carnacki Institute.

In a quiet London suburb, four university students are holding a séance in a house everyone knows is haunted – and, of course, it goes terribly wrong. Whatever or whoever they managed to summon has left them nothing but empty shells.

Enter the Ghost Finders, ready to confront the enraged poltergeist and battle for the students’ very souls.

It’s all in a day’s work for the Carnacki Institute operatives – except this day is going to get very nasty indeed. What they’re about to discover is that another entity had also breached the veil between worlds and crossed the threshold into ours . . . and they soon realise that it’s not just four lives at stake, but all lives — humanity itself is being threatened with annihilation.


“Green comes through with more than enough gore, wit, and mild suspense to satisfy series fans.”

Publishers Weekly

“From the depths of Green’s imagination comes the latest fascinating paranormal adventure in his Ghost Finders series. Fans will delight in the evolution of these surprisingly complex and sympathetic characters, but new readers will have no issues falling into this quick, smart escapade and reveling in the eerie and unpredictable world of the Ghost Finders. The contrast between Green’s deceptively light narrative tone and trademark snarky humor and the genuinely creepy elements of this story make for a combination that is unsettling, engaging and downright irresistible.”

RT Book Reviews

“A rollercoaster ride with mounting stakes until an all-or-nothing climax [...] Recommended.”


“An interesting matchup combined with a secretive group keeping the normal society safe and in the dark, you get a dynamic done well and a little familiar to Green’s fans.”

Fresh Fiction

“There are plenty of mind-twisting, chilling moments in this book. JC, Melody and Happy Jack are all snarky in the face of danger and make great heroes, they are super brave in the face of some pretty freaky stuff!”

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