Weave the Lightning (#1)

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Gerrit is the son of Bourshkanya’s Supreme-General. Despite his powerful storm-affinity and the State’s best training, he can’t control his magic. To escape the brutal consequences, he flees.

Celka is a travelling circus performer, hiding both her link to the underground and her storm-affinity from the prying eyes of the secret police. But Gerrit’s arrival threatens to expose everything: her magic, her family, and the people they protect.

The storms have returned, and everything will change.


“Lee’s novel WEAVE THE LIGHTNING is an electrifying debut (pardon the pun) that infuses magical resistance with a Russian flair.”

Lightspeed Magazine

“Lee offers up wonderful worldbuilding […] against a Russian backdrop that cleverly instills an atmosphere and underlying threat that helps to carry the tension of our protagonists’ precarious situations.”

British Fantasy Society

“... focused and honed as a lightning strike, beautifully balanced and directed. This is a cutting story of revolution, rebellion, romance, and the sort of strange sorcery that we don’t see very often…”

Seanan McGuire, author of The Newsflesh Series

“A sweeping epic of romance, revolution, elegant strangeness, and elemental magic.”

Jason Heller, author of Strange Stars

“Tense, timely, and crackling with urgent energy. I guarantee that by the end of the book, you will be looking for your own resistance to join…or to start.”

Premee Mohamed, author of Beneath the Rising

“Lee’s debut is a dazzling — and timely — high-wire act.”

Ian Tregillis, author of The Liberation

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