Wed and Buried (#8)

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Romance is in the air—and so is murder—in the eighth in Agatha Award-winning author Toni L.P. Kelner’s small-town Southern mystery series.

Laura Fleming knows that love plays by its own rules. After all, she did the unthinkable and married a Yankee. But even she’s shocked to hear that her indomitable Aunt Maggie, a spinster closer to eighty than seventy, has eloped with Big Bill Walters. Laura, her husband Richard, and their baby daughter hightail it home, where Laura discovers the real motive behind Aunt Maggie’s marriage. Someone is trying to kill Big Bill, and Aunt Maggie plans to stick close enough to find the culprit—with Laura’s help.

Big Bill is Byerly’s wealthiest businessman, so it’s little surprise certain folks have a beef with him. In fact, there’s a stack of threatening letters going back decades to wade through. Claims of land theft and worker injury abound, plus Aunt Maggie’s one-time beau, Pudd’nhead Wilson, is back in town. Innocents are getting caught in the crossfire, and Laura concocts a risky plan to lure the killer into the open. But she’ll need to keep Aunt Maggie safe too, or Byerly’s oldest newlywed will soon be its newest widow…


“Good humor abound amid the murder and mayhem in this sprawling family.”

Publishers Weekly

“The Laura Fleming series has been consistently good, and WED AND BURIED is no exception. The characters are irresistibly engaging, the plotting is superb and the ending terrific. Let’s hope this series goes on for quite a while. Four stars.”

RT Book Reviews

“Manners, style and charm vie for a place with clever detecting and Southern humor spiced with Richard’s Shakespearean quotations […] Whether viewed as an excellent example of the Southern mystery or as a well plotted, character driven mystery, WED AND BURIED is an excellent addition to Toni’s fine series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

I Love A Mystery

“We look forward to our next visit to Byerly. Four cats.”

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