When Duty Calls (#8)

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In an attempt to solidify the alliance between the Confederacy of Sentient Beings and the Clone Hegemony, the CSB sends veteran warrior Captain Antonio Santana and his legion of technologically-enhanced soldiers to fight under clone command on a resource-rich planet that the vicious insectoid Ramanthians are ready to attack. And they’re coming in force.

At the same time, Santana’s sometime lover, diplomat Christine Vanderveen, also works to gain the trust of the clones—only to find herself irresistibly drawn to the newly-elected president of the Clone Hegemony, a man who seeks to cast off the restrictive and oppressive laws that have kept his people from being truly free.

Now, as Christine is torn between two men possessing two different kinds of courage, Santana finds himself fighting against an overwhelming enemy—not just for his life, but the future well being of both the Confederacy and the Hegemony.


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