Which Way to Die? (#3)

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Tim Corrigan and Chuck Baer risk their necks to protect a pair of brilliant killers

When Chuck Baer and Tim Corrigan fought in Korea, they were known as the Deadly Duo. Now that they’re back in New York, Baer is working as a private eye and Corrigan is the only cop in the NYPD tough enough to wear an eye patch. They’re a long way from the army, but this duo never stopped being deadly.

Some 4 years ago, Corrigan had arrested Gerard Alstrom and Frank Grant, a pair of Columbia University freshmen who thought they were smart enough to commit the perfect murder. When a Miranda violation voids the killers’ conviction, it’s even money as to who will kill them 1st: the mob boss father of the girl they slaughtered, or her football star boyfriend. Corrigan is assigned to protect the bloodthirsty geniuses, whose sky-high IQs can’t save them from a bullet to the brain.


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