Who Killed The Pinup Queen? (#2)

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The last thing entertainment reporter Tilda Harper expects is for one of her feature articles to suddenly become an obituary. But when the subject of an upcoming piece—former 50s pinup queen, Sandra Sechrest—is brutally killed, Tilda’s story quickly develops into a murder investigation.

There are few leads and many questions. Was it the work of greedy relatives? An obsessed fan? Or perhaps a jealous lover? Adding to the puzzle, are the startling confidential connections between Sandra and the Hollywood stars of her day that Tilda uncovers while researching a project for Entertain Me! magazine.

As Tilda focuses on the case, she unwittingly becomes a target herself. It seems someone has a secret that they’ll do anything to keep, and Tilda’s getting a little too close to the truth. If she doesn’t pin down this pinup killer soon, Tilda could be the next to die.


“WHO KILLED THE PINUP QUEEN? is a fast-paced read that fans of television nostalgia will quickly add to their must-read lists.”

The Mystery Reader

“This is a solid entry in Toni L.P. Kelner’s Where Are They Now mystery series. Kelner has clearly done her homework regarding the old pinup models and the amateur camera clubs and professionals who photographed them.”

Gumshoe Review

“Toni L.P. Kelner did a great job in keeping the book flowing with stuff happening so you just couldn’t put it down long enough to do much anything at all.”

Once Upon a Romance

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